Dehumanization (EP, 2013)


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We should learn the social hunting? We should tart our heart up?
Maybe it's bullshit but there is also hope. It's same with this part of the world, lots of things are shit and there is some hope.
I don't understand those who keep complaining about how unlucky and disadvantaged they are but never take any action to improve the situation.
I don't understand those who preach the so-called great truth.
They all are slaveholders!
Under the sun. Go up the mountain. Touch our face and feel our heartbeats. I know who I am behind my deep skin!
Of course! I don't put anything on the high pedestals! It's dehumanization!
The air is our chapels. And our lungs are the altars. I love us for that, because it was so human!
The colors white and orange. I am ready!
Ready to leave. Ready to lose.
No dehumanizing!
And welcome our spiritual enemy!

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released July 1, 2013

Music, lyrics and vocals by SCORPIO-L
Recorded, programmed, played and produced by SCORPIO-L in Macau between April 2011 and May 2013
Photograph and cover design by SCORPIO-L

Thanks to everybody who helped me making this EP and a special thank to Smart-Fong, Fish, Chuo Lin and Zi Bao



all rights reserved



SCORPIO-L is the stage name, an integration of sound and image, cryptic and dramatic, yet eccentric. It was created by Loi Wang in 2010. Loi Wang is the one-man band. He is based in Macau and London, and has made electronic music and visual arts since 2007. ... more

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Track Name: Like A Kiwi
Why are you asking so many things
And you said "the time will tell"
"It's not the ending"
Why are you asking so many things
And you said "I should learn the social hunting"
Sometimes you should go dark like a kiwi bird
Sometimes you should back off
Just hang on in there
Track Name: Hormone
It’s up to you to grunt to laugh
It’s up to you to leave to lose
It’s up to you to blame to bum
It’s up to you to hate to love
Don’t fucking tell me how to do
Don’t fucking make me curse you
Track Name: Mountain
The mountain stood under your plane
A bird slept in your train
And who can change them
The wonders in your brain
And who can change
Track Name: Dehumanization
Don't have the blind faith in the bible
Book of gammon
No need to long for the help of the god
It's all in your hands
How am I stomach the bluff of the truth
Track Name: Well-To-Do
Tarted up my heart a bit
For searching
For covering
Tarted up their heart a bit
For wanking
For killing
They've created an unknown world that I can't help but get immersed in
They've created a well-to-do world that I can't wait to escape